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Personal Tax Preparation

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Items Needed To Prepare Your Return

STUDENTS 1) 1098-T Form from your School - You can download this form from your school's website.
HOMEOWNERS 1) 1098 Statement from all your lenders to deduct your mortgage interest.
2) Vehicle Registration Costs
3) Property Tax Statements from the county (if your mortgage is impounded, it will list it on your 1098 statement)
4) Donations Statements
BUSINESS OWNERS Your accountant will need to know about any assets you’ve bought, sold, or depreciated during the last year. Bring any receipts, documents, or reports related to your assets and fixed assets.

Tip: Some accounting programs have fixed asset reports or fixed asset listings that you can run.
STOCK INVESTORS/DAY TRADERS 1) 1099-B Statement from your brokerage account.
LANDLORDS 1) Rent Income Received
2) 1098 Statement from your mortgage lender
3) Property Tax Statement
4) Homeowner's Insurance Policy
5) A list of your expenses for repairs, travel, management fees, utilities, etc.
DEPENDENTS 1) Names, Social Security Numbers, and Birthdates for all dependents.
2) Birth Certificate(s)
3) If the dependent is not your child (ex Niece/Nephew/Grandchild), we will need proof the child lived with you along with proof of relationship.
4) Child Care Provider Statement (If you pay for child care).
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Benefits of choosing a licensed provider We service clients all over Southern California. Regardless of your location, you can call our office in Rancho Cucamonga to set up an appointment for an in-person or virtual meeting. We can complete most engagements electronically via secure portals and email correspondence.
Constant Continuing Education As licensed accountants, we believe in continuously maintaining our education, so that we can provide our clients with the most up to date knowledge and advice.
Authorized E-File Provider We are an authorized IRS E-file Provider. This meals we can electronically file your returns and get your refund to you faster.
Satisfied Customers Preparing your own taxes is time consuming and confusing. We save you time and stress.