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NonProfit Tax Preparation

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Items Needed To Prepare Your NonProfit Return

PRIOR YEAR TAX RETURN (IF APPLICABLE) Make sure to come with your previous year’s tax return. This 1) helps the tax accountant get a better understanding of your non profit organization, and 2) gives quick information about the deductions your company has (or hasn’t) been taking, 3) gives an overview and description of your nonprofit's activities.
ORGANIZATION INFORMATION Depending on the size of your 501(c)(3), this information may be readily available through your operations or office manager, board president or board secretary, or CEO or executive director. We have also provided an online link to the IRS website that can also provide assistance.

* Fiscal Year End (FYE)*
* Form 990/990-EZ/990-N Requirement?*
* Date of IRS Federal Tax Exemption*
* 501(c) Type*

*To locate any of this information visit: https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/ Search & search using your EIN or organization name
FINANCIAL INFORMATION Whether you’re a nonprofit startup with a small staff or a large established charitable organization, financial information should be available through your office manager, staff bookkeeper, board president or board treasurer, CEO, or executive director.

* Profit & Loss Statement (Income & Expenses Report)
* Balance Sheet: Starting & Ending Balances, Liabilities, and Assets

If your nonprofit doesn't have the financial statements available, we can assist in preparing those for you. We would need 12 months of bank statements for your nonprofit.
KEY OFFICERS INFO You’ll also need to provide information of officers of the nonprofit.
* List of organizations current or former officers, directors, trustees, key employees, and highest compensated employees, and current independent contractors
* Reports for each person’s name, address and title
* Reports detailing officers, directors, etc. compensation and benefits, and average hours per week devoted to the organization and related organizations
FUNDRAISING/GRANTS INFORMATION * Reports detailing fundraising activities, fundraising events, and gaming
* If a public charity, a list of supported and supporting organizations
* Reports of contributions including name and address of contributor, and type and amount of contribution
* Information regarding any unrelated business income
* Prior year depreciation schedules detailing asset cost, date placed in service, prior depreciation, and business use percentage
* Date of purchase, cost, trade-in allowance, and business use percentage for all assets acquired during the tax year
* Mileage log for each owned or leased vehicle (business use and total use)
* Reports for business use percentage and actual expenses for each owned vehicle (gas and maintenance costs)
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